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Our 10 month old weimaraner, Sadie, LOVES Choo Choo Dog Camp! She attends twice weekly and she can’t wait to get in once we arrive at Choo Choo. The Dog Camp gives her the unique opportunity to meet new friends, exercise and socialize. Whenever we pick her up later in the day, Sadie is always happy and very tired, after playing all day with her friends. It is nice to have her “mellowed out” at home after a full “dog’s day out”.
Sallie & Randy – Flintstone, GA

Choo Choo Dog Camp is the best! Our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks are usually uncomfortable with being dropped of anywhere – they think VET – but, we were pleasantly surprised! The dogs were tentative at first, but the environment created by Liz Fortanier, is so well thought out and her staff so attentive, that our dogs quickly joined in with the other dogs and had a blast! The design of the camp is wonderful – from the thick, rubber mats that they play on indoors to the wide, open outdoor play area. The building is very clean and it shows that Ms Fortanier has nothing but the highest concern for her four footed clients. When we pick them up they are happy and exhausted from playing! I particularly like the “Report Cards” that are given out at the end of a day. It lets you know what they spent their time doing, if there were any problems and even if they have a crush on another daycamper or not! Now, the dogs get excited when they are asked to jump into the car – they think DAY CAMP! Five stars out of five – we did not know a place like this existed!
Matt & Robin – Lookout Mountain, GA

The Choo Choo Dog Camp is a perfect fit for my puppy Fendi and I would highly recommend it, without any hesitation, to all dog lovers. As soon as I walked in the door and met Liz I knew immediately that her high standards met my high expectations. I toured the facility, saw how the dogs were cared for and left with a very good feeling about my visit. After a few weeks of attending day camp, Fendi literally jumps out of my arms into Liz’s arms every morning and gets so excited when we pull into the Choo Choo Dog Camp. She loves being there !!!! When I pick her up at night she is very happy and I can tell she played most of the day with her new friends. This has made training very easy because when she gets home she can focus on learning as she has already played all day. I am grateful there is such a wonderful place to care for Fendi while I am at the office. I trust Liz and her team at the Choo Choo Dog Camp 110% to take exceptional care of Fendi. And I must admit that I really look forward to reading the weekly report card that Liz gives me that updates me on how Fendi interacted with the other campers. Cheers to all dog lovers.
Rebecca M. – Ooltewah, TN

Thanks so much for opening this wonderful facility. I knew Winston would be a Choo Choo dog the first day I picked up this 10 month old high energy pooch from his day at “camp” and found him happy and tired from playing with his new BFF’s (best friends forever). Clean, caring, fun…for what more could a pet owner ask?
Emma – Chattanooga, TN

Liz and her staff do a fantastic job working with all of the dogs to provide a fun and learning experience in a low stress environment. My dog Lucy has come a long way in learning how to politely interact with other dogs since starting at Choo Choo Dog Camp.
Wade – Chattanooga, TN

Shorty has been a Choo Choo camper since she was 6 mo. old. She looks forward to her visits and starts to wag as soon as we get in the parking lot. I know she is getting the best care, and knowing that gives me peace of mind when we travel and she boards at Choo Choo. Liz and her staff treat Shorty like their own. I am very glad to have such a professional facility in our area.
Virginia – Lookout Mountain, GA

Our Australian Shepherd, Abbie, loves going to day camp weekly at Choo Choo Day Camp! Abbie knows where we are when we pull up to the front door, and gets so excited. She loves playing with her ‘pack’ and comes home happy and exhausted from playing all day. The wonderful staff at Choo Choo Dog Camp makes us very comfortable leaving Abbie there for the day and we know she is playing in a safe, dog friendly environment. The report cards that are sent home weekly are wonderful too. Doggie day camp has been a blessing having a young, high energy dog while living downtown. Thank you, Choo Choo Day Camp! Mackenzie & Joe – Chattanooga, TN

Choo Choo is the greatest thing to happen to downtown area Chattanooga. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. I would not leave my pup in any other hands!
Ongeleigh – Chattanooga, TN

When Choo Choo Dog Camp opened I knew my dog needed to go. He loves it. He has made a lot of new doggie friends and it is wonderful to see him tired. The staff and Liz are great with my dog and I know he will be spoiled. He has learned how to play well with dogs. I think all dogs should get an opportunity to go to camp. They get to play and learn from other dogs. If you have a dog you need to take him to Choo Choo Dog Camp. He will learn that there is more to life than getting your attention.
Judy – Chattanooga, TN